Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Program


“Training Towards Excellence One Rider at a Time”

The West Virginia Motorcycle Safety Program is pleased to offer motorcycle rider courses developed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) and taught by MSF certified, professional instructors. These courses are approved by the state. Graduates are exempt from the requirement to take the state riding skills test for motorcycle license endorsement.

All unendorsed riders must obtain a temporary motorcycle instruction permit prior to attending class.

All applicants are required to have a valid West Virginia driver's license and be 16 years of age or older.

General Information

Training is conducted at various locations throughout West Virginia.

Students must wear protective gear during riding sessions, which includes 3/4 helmets approved by the Federal Department of Transportation, full-fingered gloves, long pants, shirts or jackets with long sleeves, sturdy shoes or boots that cover the ankles and approved eye protection.

Graduates from the Basic RiderCourse are exempt from the requirement to take the motorcycle skills examination given by the Division of Motor Vehicles for a motorcycle license endorsement.

Classes are filled by prepaid advance registration on a first-come, first-served basis.

Students having any physical impairment prohibiting them from operating a motorcycle safely may not be eligible for a motorcycle license.

Successful Graduates

Successful graduates will receive a Motorcycle Safety Foundation Completion Card at the end of the course. This Completion Card is yours to keep. West Virginia DMV offices will only accept the presentation of a Motorcycle Safety Foundation Completion Card when granting a motorcycle endorsement. Please remember that the WVDMV should not confiscate your MSF Completion Card for their records, merely visually acknowledge that your name appears on it and it contains the sponsor ID (WVMSP) and the Rider Coach’s Identification Number (MSF ID#).

Successful Graduates:

  • Will be exempt from the requirement to take the State skills test for the motorcycle operator license endorsement.
  • May be eligible for discounts on motorcycle parts and accessories from participating dealerships.
  • May receive an insurance discount from participating companies.
  • Will receive a Motorcycle Safety Foundation RiderCourse completion card.



Fees are payable to: West Virginia Motorcycle Safety Program

BRC (New Riders)- $100.00
Motorcycle will be furnished.

ERC (Experienced Riders)- $100.00
Riders must provide a street legal bike that passes safety inspection.

Safety Tips

  • Ride the size motorcycle that you are capable of handling.

  • Always wear your protective gear.

  • Never drink and ride.

  • Always be aware of other motorists.


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