How to Obtain your Driving Record

Individual Requests:

You may request of copy of your own driving record with DMV Online Services, in person at any branch office of the DMV, or by mail by providing the following:

  • Completed Driving Record Request (DMV-101-PS1) form
  • A copy of your state issued photo identification
  • A $5.00 processing fee if you provide your name and driver’s license number or
  • A $6.00 processing fee if you do not have your driver’s license number (Must include DOB and/or SS Number)
  • Please clearly indicate where the driving record is to be mailed. (If Applicable)

All Other Driving Record Requests:

  • Completed Driving Record Request (DMV-101-PS1) form
  • Completed Release Authorization (DMV-101-PS2) form
  • A copy of the requestor’s state issued photo identification
  • A $5.00 processing fee per request if you have the driver’s license number and name or
  • A $6.00 processing fee per request, if you do not have the driver’s license number. (Must include DOB and/or Social Security number)

All requests for a driving record on an employee or client must have a completed Release Authorization (DMV-101-PS2) form and must be mailed to the below address.

You may not obtain information about others without their written consent on the Release Authorization (DMV-101-PS2) form or unless the request is made on company or business letterhead and provides a legitimate and detailed reason for the request as defined by the Uniform Motor Vehicles Records Disclosure Act.

Mail requests to:

    WV DMV
    Driving Records Section
    PO Box 17020
    Charleston, WV 25317 

Or you may email or fax requests, however a follow up call to (304) 926-3802 is required to complete payment over the phone.

    Fax: (304) 926-3899
    Phone Number: (304) 926-3802


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