Combined ten-day trip permits can now be purchased quickly and securely and printed instantly online. Simply enter your owner, truck, and trip information and print your permit. A copy of your permit will also be emailed to you and can easily be reprinted if lost.

The new system makes it easier for trucking companies to legally travel through West Virginia by:

  • Making trip permits available 24/7 online
  • Creating a very easy, intuitive, and secure application process
  • Saving owner and truck information to be quickly referenced later
  • Allowing permits to be printed instantly
  • Allowing permits to be easily re-printed if lost
Visit the Trip Permits Website
& click “Begin Application”
Enter your owner, truck,
and trip information.
Pay and print
your permit!
* Note – Create an account when finished, then login to purchase future permits. Creating an account allows you to save your commonly used owners, trucks, and lesees to be quickly accessed the next time you buy a permit.


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