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The WV Tourist map is free to the public and can be requested via email.

The State General Highway Map (42” x 48”) displays all main highways and important county roads, mileages between intersections, approximately 1000 place names, enlarged sketches of cites over 10,000 population, a mileage diagram of the state, and major waterways.

The State Outline Map (42” x 48”) shows county lines, county names and county seats - Roads are NOT shown.

The General County Highway Maps - Type A (18” x 36”) and Type B (11” x 18”) - display the following information: roads and roadway features, railroads, streams and other natural features (not relief), structures, dwellings, institutions, conservation and recreation areas, magisterial districts, city boundaries and local place names.  Some congested areas are shown in greater detail by insets on the map sheets or on supplemental sheets.  Each county is covered by one to seven sheets, and is sold only as a complete county set.

The County Traffic Count Maps - Type C (11” x 18”) – display the average daily traffic at pre-selected locations on Interstate, US, WV and county routes across West Virginia.  Traffic counts are based on a three-year counting cycle (Year 1, Districts 1-3; Year 2,  Districts 4-6; Year 3,  Districts 7-10), except for Interstate routes, which are counted annually.  An index sheet identifying the cycle for county route updates can be sent upon request.

All maps can be purchased individually, and County Maps can be purchased as bound sets.



Ordering Maps

Print the maps order form and complete accordingly, calculate Postage and Handling charges, and use the bottom portion of page four (OTHER MAPS) to finish your order.  Payment must accompany your order.  Be sure to check for accuracy as the WVDOT cannot refund any over-payments. 

Make checks payable to

    West Virginia Division of Highways

Mail orders to:

    West Virginia Department of Transportation
    Division of Highways
    Office Services Division, Map Sales
    1900 Kanawha Boulevard, E., Building Five
    Charleston, West Virginia 25305-0430


On-site Map Purchase

Maps are available over the counter at the above address (Map Sales, in the basement - room 063) from 7:30 a.m. till 4 p.m., except weekends and state or federal holidays.

Email us at DOT.MAPREQUEST@WV.GOV with questions or concerns.

No refunds or exchanges. We reserve the right to limit quantities.

Last Updated: 12/03/2012


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