Traffic Analysis

The Traffic Analysis Section collects and compiles traffic data for the WVDOT. The division collects data continuously at 60 locations statewide. Short duration data collection takes place at over 2,500 locations annually. Information collected includes:

  • Traffic volume data - (used to calculate Average Daily Traffic)
  • Vehicle type information
  • Intersection turning movement information
  • County miles, annual vehicle miles, and daily vehicle miles per route type

Some interesting facts concerning travel on our system are:

  • The highest Average Daily Traffic (ADT) volumes in the state are found on Interstate 64 in Charleston, approximately 92,500 vehicles per day on some sections
  • The Interstate highway system carries almost 30% of all travel within the state while amounting to just over 1.5% of the state’s total highway mileage. On the other hand, the County Route system, while having almost 80% of the total miles, carries less than 18% of the traffic
  • The table below lists the amounts of travel (vehicle miles) and average daily traffic (ADT) for routes on the different sign systems in the year 2012

The following reports are produced by this Department:

The following information is provided by this Department:


Traffic Analysis
Gehan.M.Elsayed, Ph.D.
Phone: 304 558-9626
Fax: 304 558-3783

Last Updated: 06/22/2015


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