collapse EngPubDivType : Cadd Standards ‎(2)
CAAD Standards and Design AidsHTML View
CADD Data Submission GuidelinesHTML View
collapse EngPubDivType : Design Directives ‎(5)
Bridge General NotesPDF View
Design Directives PDF View
Design Directives 202 Contact InformationHTML View
Paved Shoulder Guidance Memo dated March 21, 2007PDF View
Stewardship Agreement - dated July 1, 2007PDF View
collapse EngPubDivType : Design Manuals ‎(11)
Accessible Rights-of-Way Design Guide Sidewalk - Street Crossings - Other Pedestrian FacilitiesPDF View
Bridge Design Manual (Rev: March 1, 2004 includes 2006 and 2014 Interim and Errata)PDF View
Bridge Design Manual June 2014 Revisions OnlyPDF View
Construction Manual (Rev: 2002)PDF ViewZIP File
Consultant Core Boring Contract and Standard SpecificationsPDF View
Consultant Services Manual 2011PDF View
Download the ESAL CalculatorZIP File
Manual on Rules and Regulations for Constructing Driveways on State Highway Rights-Of-Way - May 2004 PDF ViewDriveway Permit Application
Sign Fabrication ManualPDF ViewZIP File
Value Engineering Manual - Jan 1, 2004PDF View
collapse EngPubDivType : Details ‎(6)
Special Details dated Jan 29, 2010 (Special Details for pavement markings)PDF View
Standard Details Book Volume 1 - January 1, 2000 (Drainage, Guardrail, Pavement, Fence, and Markers)PDF ViewCAD File Download Index - Standard Details Book Vol. 1
Standard Details Book Volume 2 - January 1, 1994 ENGLISHPDF ViewENGLISH CAD FILE DOWNLOAD INDEX
Standard Details Book Volume 3 - January 1, 1999 and Standard Bridge Plans (Includes Addendum 1, 2, 3 and Errata)PDF ViewLink to CAD FILE DOWNLOAD INDEX
Thrie-Beam Blockouts Memo dated January 11, 2010.  PDF View
Typical Sections & Related Details - 2010 Edition (August 1, 2013 revisions)PDF View
collapse EngPubDivType : DETAILS REVISED ‎(1)
collapse EngPubDivType : Drainage Manual ‎(2)
2007 Drainage Manual Electronic Forms PDF ViewZIP FILE
2007 Drainage Manual with addendumPDF View
collapse EngPubDivType : Erosion and Sediment Control Manual ‎(9)
Erosion and Sediment - NPDES SRA Form PDF ViewWord Documnet
Erosion and Sediment Control - Attachment 17 for NPDES SRA FormPDF ViewWord Document
Erosion and Sediment Control - NPDES ChecklistPDF View
Erosion and Sediment Control - NPDES Notice Of Intent Form for ePermittingPDF ViewWord Document
Erosion and Sediment Control - NPDES Permit (Rev. 11/5/2007)PDF View
Erosion and Sediment Control - State Map of Named WatershedsPDF View
Erosion and Sediment Control - State Map of WVDEP's Rainfall ZonesPDF View
Erosion and Sediment Control Manual - Addendum 1 only - Sept 1, 2004 PDF View
Erosion and Sediment Control Manual (Rev: Oct 1, 2004) Includes Addendum 1 PDF ViewZIP File
collapse EngPubDivType : Materials ‎(3)
Approved Source/Product ListingsTOC Index
Drilling Contractors (Rev: June 2009)HTML View
Materials Procedures (MP’s)Link to MCST - Material Procedures
collapse EngPubDivType : Publications Archive ‎(1)
Publications ArchiveHTML View
collapse EngPubDivType : Specifications/Item numbers/Bid prices ‎(6)
2010 Standard SpecificationsHTML View
2012 Supplemental SpecificationsHTML View
2013 Supplemental SpecificationsHTML View
2014 Supplemental SpecificationsHTML View
Average Unit Bid PricesHTML View
Items - 2010 English & Metric (Rev: 2010)Text ViewPDF file
collapse EngPubDivType : Traffic Engineering ‎(7)
 "Tourist Oriented Directional Signs"- TODD/LOGO Sign Application Form w/ Fill-In FieldsPDF View
"Tourist Oriented Directional Signs"- LOGO Sign Application Form w/ Fill-In FieldsPDF View
1994 Design Guide for Signing (1-2011)PDF View
Manual on Temporary Traffic Control for Streets and Highways - 2006 Edition PDF View
Procedures for WV Specific Motorist Services (Fuel, Food, Lodging, Camping, Attractions) Signing ProgramPDF View
TODS/LOGO Manual - "Tourist Oriented Directional Signs"-7/05PDF View
Traffic Engineering Directives (TED's) - February 22, 2005link to Traffic Engineering Directives (TEDs)
collapse EngPubDivType : Utilities ‎(2)
Accommodation of Utilities on Highway Right of Way and Adjustment and Relocation of Utility Facilities on Highway Projects (Rev: June 2007) PDF ViewZip File
Utility Contact Listing - June 16, 2010PDF View

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