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The purpose of this inquiry is to solicit letters of interest , qualifications, and proposals from firms interested in providing roadway and bridge design services, construction services, and financing services necessary for the construction of a four-lane upgrade of US 35 on a new location between WV 859 in Putnam County and CR 40 in Mason County. 

The DOH will use a one-step process to select a Proposer or Proposers with which to execute a contract for this Project. This process includes both the RFQ and RFP combined. After evaluations of qualifications and reviewing of technical proposals to the RFP, cost proposals will be opened. The DOH will then award the Project to the low cost Proposer or Proposers who is/are deemed responsive to the RFP. 


The Project will be constructed as a fully controlled access facility on a new location from WV 859 in Putnam County to CR 40 in Mason County, which is approximately 14.6 miles. The Project shall be completed in four years from the Letting date. The Proposer has the option of selecting to bid the entire Project as a whole or one or more of the established sections of the Project as defined below: 

Section 01 
From Sta. 1063+50.00 to Sta. 1236+66.24 
Approximately 3.28 miles 
0 Bridges 

Section 02 
From Sta. 1236+66.24 to Sta. 1596+00.00 
Approximately 6.81 miles 
2 Bridges @ Sta. 1476+75.00 (450’) and Sta. 1586+00 (575’) 

Section 03 
From Sta. 1596+00.00 to 1835+00.00 
Approximately 4.53 miles 
1 Bridge @ Sta. 1790+35.00 (540’) 

The low cost Proposer or Proposers will be determined by the lowest bid for the entire Project or the sum of the lowest bids for each section. 

Project services shall include but are not limited to the following: 

• Design Services - completion of construction plans 
• Construction Services - necessary to build and ensure high quality workmanship of the designed facility. 
• Financing Services – necessary to meet the requirements based on a once per year, lump sum payment of up to $25 million on Proposals for the entire Project or a once per year, lump sum payment of $5.5 million for Section 01, $11.75 million for Section 02, $7.75 million for Section 03.

Currently, the Project has National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) clearance consisting of a Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) and Record of Decision (ROD) approval in the year 2000 by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). The DOH is preparing a Re-Evaluation of the FEIS. The DOH is in the process of obtaining all permits and right-of –way necessary for the construction of the Project. The selected Proposer will also handle all utility relocations required for the construction of the Project. 

Information and resource files:
The West Virginia Department of Transportation (WVDOT) is providing data files for this project on this website to be used FOR INFORMATION ONLY. These electronic files consist of MicroStation or AutoCAD design files, PDF documents, Microsoft office documents, and other forms of information. No representation or warranty is made as to the compatibility of these files beyond the original software format and version or the ability to convert files to other formats or versions, the presence of viruses, or as to the possible erosion, erasure, and/or alteration of the data over time.  Any and all such use by you or others of these files will be at your sole risk and full legal responsibility. All users will, to the fullest extent of the law, indemnify and hold WVDOT, its employees, consultants and agents, harmless from any and all claims, suits, liability, demands or costs arising out of or resulting from such use. The WVDOT does not possess a staff that is available to provide technical support to outside parties who avail themselves of electronic files that are on this ftp site. 

By clicking the link "US 35 FTP Site" below you will be redirected to an FTP site that contains Information and resource files for US 35 between WV 859 in Putnam County and CR 40 in Mason County.

Below is a list of the files and thier sizes contained on the FTP site:
• U340-35-19.00 US 35 Design Build - AECOM  ZIP file (1,414,205,388 bytes)
• U340-35-19.00 US 35 Design Build - Trumball
    35 - U340-35-19.00 US 35 Design Build - Trumball 1 of (329,261,105 bytes) 
    35 - U340-35-19.00 US 35 Design Build - Trumball 2 of (370,015,631 bytes) 
    35 - U340-35-19.00 US 35 Design Build - Trumball 3 of (1,472,195,774 bytes) 
    35 - U340-35-19.00 US 35 Design Build - Trumball 4 of  (288,234,179 bytes)
• 35 - Misc- pdf (400,273,081 bytes)
• 35 - U340-35-19.00 US 35 Design Build EL (1,089,409,820 bytes)

US 35 FTP Site


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