Division Approved Source/Product Listing

The Division utilizes a list of approved sources for acceptance of materials
and sources that are suitable for acceptance at a reduced testing frequency.
The following is a list of Division approved sources and materials. 

Asphalt and Asphalt Mixtures
Approved Hot-Mix Asphalt Labs (401.02.22)
Bituminous Materials (401.02.25)
Asphalt Concrete Plants (401.9)
Site Manager Codes for Asphalt JMFs

Approved Welders
Welding Electrodes
Welded Stud Shear Connectors (615.03.03)

Pavement Safety Edge Devices
Advant-Edge Paving Equipment
TransTech Shoulder Wedge
SafeTSlope Edge Smoother
Carlson Safety Edge Paving Screed Accessories

Pavement Marking Material
Type V  Pavement Markings (715.40.2)
Type VII-A Temporary Pavement Markings (715.40.4)
Type VII-B Temporary Pavement Markings (715.40.4)
Type VII-C Temporary Pavement Markings (715.40.4)
Type P-2 Raised Pavement Markers (715.40.6.1)   

Roadside Sign Supports
U-Channel Posts (657.2.2.4)
Reflective U-Channel Strips (715.41)

Commercial & Potential Skid Resistant Sources (703.2) - January 2016 | October 2015
Agricultural Limestone Sources (715.25)
Approved A-1 Aggregate Sources - 12-17-15

Portland Cement Concrete
Division Approved Labs (711.03.23)
PCC Concrete Plant Evaluation
Approved Precast Concrete Fabricators
Cement Mills (701.01.10)
Concrete Patching Materials
Concrete Sealers (707.12)
Pozzolan Sources (707.4)
Concrete Protective Coatings (601.13-3)

Portland Cement Concrete Admixtures
Type A & F: Water-Reducing Admixtures (707.3) 
Type D & G: Water-Reducing, Retarding, and Hydration Control Stabalizing Admixtures (707.2)
Type C: Accelerating Admixtures (707.13)
Type E: Water-Reducing and Accelerating Admixtures (707.14)
Type M: Air Entraining Admixtures (707.1) 
Type S: Specialty Admixture (707.17)

Welded Frames and Grates (605.09)
Reinforcing Steel Bar Couplers (602.07.3) 
Aluminum Sheeting for Traffic Signs (661.1)
Epoxy Coated Reinforcing Steel Bars, Coaters (709.01.2)
Epoxy Powders For Rebars (709.1.2)
Epoxy Coated Dowel Bars (709.15)
Black Reinforcing Steel Bars (709.1)
Welded Wire Reinforcement (709.4)
Joint Tie Bolt Assemblies (709.7)
Gray Iron Castings (709.10)
Piling Steel & Whalers (709.12)   
Pile Points (709.50)
Studded" T-Post Producers (712.9)
Gabion Basket Producers (715.23)
Rigid Galvanized Conduit (715.42.10.1)
Ductile Iron Pipe (718.1) 
Stains for Galvanized Steel Products

ITS Devices
Cellular Data Modems

Closer Circuit TV Devices
Roadway Weather Information System Devices

Wood Materials
Wood Preservers (710.4)

Paints and Oils
Organic Zinc Primers (711.6)
Epoxy Mastic Maintenance Coatings (711.12)
Overcoat Paint Systems (711.14)
Inorganic Zinc Primers (711.20.2)
Intermediate Coats for Zinc Rich Paint Systems (711.22.3)
Acrylic Systems using Inorganic Zinc Primer 
Zinc Rich Low VOC Systems (711.22)
Soluble Salt Removers for Bridge Washing
Wax Coating for the New River Gorge Bridge (711)

Guardrail and Fence
28-1/2" High & End Terminals (607)
31" High End Terminals (607)
Plastic Blockouts (607.2)
Fence Items (608.2)
Guardrail Producers (712.4)
Guardrail Release Bolts (607)

Metal Pipe
Corrugated Metal Pipe (713.01.50)

Type B1 Delineators (Std. Detail Sheet) (661.2)
Flexible Plastic Delineators (Std. Detail Sheet) (661.2)

Retaining Wall Systems
MSE Retaining Walls (626)
MSE Wall Unit Producers (626.5)  
Modular Block Sealants (626)

Miscellaneous Materials
Miscellaneous Electrical (631.2)  
Non-shrink Grout (715.5)
Engineering Fabrics (715.11)
Epoxy Powders for Rebars (709.1)
Manhole Steps (715.38)
Wood Cellulose Mulch (715.27)
Water And Sewer Line Items (718)  
707.9 Type 2 Class A Concrete Curing Compounds
Hot Pour Joint Sealer for Concrete and Asphalt (708.3)
Silicone Joint Sealant (708.4)
Dust Suppressants

Traffic Control Devices
Loop Sealants
Speed Monitoring Trailers
Channelizer Cones (715.41)
Detectable Warning Surfaces (609.2)
Rack Mounted Signal Detector Units (660.9)
Hazard Warning Lights (715.9.1)
Retroreflective Sign Sheeting (715.9)
Flexible Plastic Drums (715.9.3)
Traffic Safety Devices (715.41) 
Traffic Signals Hardware (715.42)
Temporary Traffic Signals (636.20) 
Microwave Detectors (715.42.5.1)  
Priority Control Systems (715.42.7.4)
LED Traffic Signal Modules

Traffic Detectors
    Video Detection Systems
    Radar Detection Systems
    Loop Detection

Audible Pedestrian Signals
Centralized Signal Control System
Internally Illuminated LED Signing
Cabinet Flashing Unit 715.42.7.1
Phase Load Switching Devices 715.42.2.12
Traffic Signal - Cabinet Auxiliary Equipment 715.42.7
Traffic Signal Cabinets 715.42.8

LED Roadway Fixtures
LED Roadway Fixtures
LED Sign Lighters

Plastic Products
Corrugated Polyethylene Plastic Pipe (718.7)

Computers for Field Offices
moved to specifications <here>

Crosshole Sonic Logging Companies (625)  

Profile Certification
Certified Profiler Operators

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