Environmental/Coatings Group

                              Mission Statement:

As part of the MCS & T Division, the Environmental/Coatings
Group exists to promote public safety by setting, and enforcing
standards through materials testing, and training for the West 
Virginia Department of Transportation in a professional,
competent, accurate, and consistent manner.

      Mohammad B. Shafiei, P.E., Group Supervisor
Phone: (304) 558-9868 - Mohammad.B.Shafiei@wv.gov

> Coatings Subgroup

The primary function of the Coatings Subgroup is to conduct
chemical and physical testing on paint samples, review quality
control plans, and handle coatings issues.



Greg Bradford, Chemist III
Phone: (304) 558-9882 - Greg.F.Bradford@wv.gov

Terry Burns, Transportation Engineering Technician
Phone: (304) 558-9883 - Terry.J.Burn@wv.gov




              I- Related Material Procedures (MPs):

688.02.20 Guide for Contractor's and Fabricator's Quality Control Plan
for Painting Structural Steel

688.03.20 Guide for Developing the Contractor's Containment/Disposal Control
Plan for Spent Material Prior to Painting Existing Steel Structures

708.40.00 Procedure for the Determination of Structural Painting Film Thickness

711.00.20 Paint Test Methods

711.00.21 Procedure for Approving Paint Formulations and Production Batches

711.20.59 Inorganic Zinc Primer Quality Assurance Procedures

711.20.60 Intermediate Field Coat for Zinc Rich Systems

711.22.22 Zinc Rich Low VOC System




 II- West Virginia Division Of Highways Standard Specifications - Roads
      And Bridges 2000

                   Supplemental Specifications Issued January 1, 2009









                                SECTION 711 – PAINTS, COATINGS, OILS, AND INKS


        Standard Test Methods and Specifications for petroleum products 
        (motor oil, gasoline, and diesel fuels) and alternative fuel (ethanol 
        blend-E10, and biodiesel blend-B5).
        The WV/NPDES Water Pollution Control Permit for highway maintenance 


                              AASHTO Documents

                          ASTM Documents

IV- Accreditation:
     The Paint Laboratory participates in the AASHTO Materials
     Reference Laboratory (AMRL) Paint Proficiency Sample Program
     to evaluate the division’s competency in regard to testing of paint. 
     Also participates in the Collaborative Reference Program of the
     Collaborative Testing Services (CTS) - Inter -laboratory Program
     for testing Color and Appearance, and 60 Degree Gloss on paint 
     samples to evaluate the division’s competency in that regard.

V- Links


 SSPC-Guides 6 – Containing Surface Preparation Debris
 Generated During Paint Removal Operations.

 SSPC-Guide 7- Disposal of Lead Contaminated
 Surface Preparation Debris.

                               > Environmental Site Investigation Subgroup

The Environmental Site Investigation Subgroup is 
                               responsible for conducting environmental site investigations
                               at the WVDOH maintenance facilities to address environmental
                               concerns in regard to the following sources of contaminations:

                                     a)     Leaking Underground Storage Tanks
b)    Salt shed areas
c)     Tar tanks
d)    Spill of fuel. 







Mary Queen, Chemist II
                                         Phone: (304) 558-9872 - Mary.a.Queen@wv.gov

                                         Sajid Barlas, Highway Engineer Trainee
                                         Phone: (304) 558-7474 - Sajid.m.Barlas@wv.gov

                               I- Links


                                                  Voluntary Remediation Program (VRP)
                                                  Leaking Underground Storage Tanks (LUST) Program
                                                  Uniform Environmental Covenant Act




                                   > Chemical Laboratory Subgroup
                                The Chemical Laboratory Subgroup primarily conducts chemical
                                analysis on metals, various types of cement, fly ash, slag, and
                                chloride samples.

                             Optical Emission Spectrometer


                               X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer


Mike Jones, Chemist III
Phone: (304) 558-9899 - Mike.r.Jones@wv.gov

Carlos Semple, Chemist III
Phone: (304) 558-9867 - Carlos.semple@wv.gov

Nicholas Nguyen, Chemist II
Phone: (304) 558-9856 - Nicholas.Nguyen@wv.gov

I- Links 

AASHTO Documents
ASTM Documents

II- Accreditation: The Chemical Laboratory participates in the National Inter
    - laboratory cross check programs such as the CCRL Portland Cement
    and Concrete Sample Program and the ASTM Proficiency Test Program
    for chemical analysis of Plain Carbon and Low Alloy Steel.

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