New Product Evaluation Procedure


Materials Procedure (MP) 106.00.02 governs the process for submitting
new products for use in Highway Construction. This evaluation is a tool to
use to promote your product and does not give your product an exclusive
approval. In short, your firm must submit form HL-468 for each product to
be evaluated.This Division will evaluate your product and reply to the
contact person listed on the HL-468 form. 

Procedure: MP 106.00.02

Application: Form HL-468

Contact Person:  Greg Bradford
                          190 Dry Branch Drive
                          Charleston, WV 25306
                          Phone: (304) 558-9882
                          Fax: (304) 558-0253

"Coming Soon"

New procedures are currently being written to provide a more efficient
means of evaluating products being submitted. These changes should be
completed this summer!

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