CAD and GIS County Maps

West Virginia County Maps

Thank you for your interest in the county highway maps produced by the GIS Unit.

The county highway maps have previously been maintained in a CAD (MicroStation DGN) environment.  Due to limitations in Microstation, as part of the West Virginia Department of Transportation (WVDOT) Geospatial Strategic and Business Plan, a strategic decision was made to reproduce these maps in a GIS environment.  The reproduction work was completed in 2015.

The county highway maps are currently published in two formats:  CAD and GIS.  The CAD maps were produced in 2005, and route information maintained by WVDOT Division of Highways has been updated as of 2014.  The GIS version of the map is being updated yearly starting 2015.

The two types of maps present features using a consistent set of cartographic standards but may look quite different due to the differences in the data model between CAD and GIS.  A mid-term plan is to retire the CAD maps and replace them with the GIS maps.  During this transitional period, the maps are available in both formats, CAD and GIS.

The GIS Unit will continue improving and updating the GIS maps.  Please send any comments you may have regarding the GIS maps to the GIS Unit at

The County maps can be accessed by clicking on one of the following links:



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