Highway Data Services

The Highway Data Services unit was formed in November 2007 as part of the Program Planning and Administration Division reorganization.  The restructuring combined the Roadway Records and Statistics work area with the Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS) work area and positioned them under the direction of the Geospatial Transportation Information (GTI) Section.  This move was necessary to maintain continuity with the recent DOH implementation of GIS technology to manage the roadway network as well as prepare for the 2010 mandate by FHWA requiring the states to submit the HPMS via a Geodatabase format with minimum GIS network requirements. 

The primary responsibility of the Highway Data Services unit is to perform the functions necessary to support quality data needed to deliver the annual Public Certified Mileage Report and the HPMS submittal as per FHWA requirements and guidelines.  The HPMS submittal is an expanded representation of the Certified Mileage and the data are used extensively by FHWA in the analysis of highway system condition, performance, and investment needs that make up the biennial Condition and Performance Reports.  These Reports are used by Congress in establishing both authorization and appropriation legislation, activities that ultimately determine the scope and size of the Federal-aid Highway Program, and determine the level of Federal highway taxation.

The unit processes addition, change or abandonment requests from the Districts and updates the roadway inventory records as these Commissioner Orders are issued.  Improvements are also updated to the Roadway Inventory File as received either from the Districts or by way of field notes generated by the regular field crew inventories.  Other roadway history records dating back to 1933 including maps, scroll records, microfilmed documentation, correspondence files and official Commissioner Orders, are also maintained in the work area.  A Local Name Listing is updated as needed in coordination with the Districts and their respective County 911 organizations that have authority over the local name determination.  This file is currently undergoing an upgrade to a more modern system that will accommodate the GIS Roadway Key so this information can be joined with the roadway network.

The Annual Inventory Tables is an annual publication that has been generated since the late 50’s, that sorts the roadway inventory by West Virginia Functional Class and Surface type.  It also provided pavement data used by the Maintenance Division as a partial factor for generating the maintenance organizational budgets.  In 2008, the “Annual Inventory Tables” Publication was replaced with the “Annual Roadway Statistics” publication.  The Annual Roadway Statistics publication contains the same necessary data as the Annual Inventory Tables but in an easier to read and more modern format.  It was also expanded to include information regarding the National Highway Functional System (NHFC) and the National Highway System (NHS) that are needed for various Highway Planning and Design purposes.

The unit performs the various tasks needed to support the HPMS program at the highest level possible.  This includes a Standard Sample Management Program, and employing a process to produce stratified random selections for adding samples and the subsequent field reviews to collect the data.  The process further entails staying abreast of the administrative type data items by working with other sections/units, like Traffic Analysis, to acquire the substantial amount of traffic related data items or the sections responsible for assigning federal aid functional classifications and urban area boundary modifications, just to name a few.  In the final submission process, after the standard sample and universe data are merged into the FHWA HPMS software, then validated and run through the standard edit checks, summary information must be added within the software that includes annual population growth estimates, daily travel information, traffic activity and urbanized travel totals.  Statewide Comment Summaries must be prepared to accompany the data submittal to explain justified anomalies or other types of problems.

It is the goal of this unit to enhance the statistics that have been generated in the past to a more robust resource that can be used to improve the decision making process of the Division of Highways.  Additionally, efforts to improve outdated methods in acquiring and updating information will be initiated as appropriate to improve productivity while providing the best data quality possible to the users.


Last Updated: 12/03/2012


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