Annual Renewal And Maintenance Information

All certified technicians are required to complete 12 Technical Development Hours (TDH's) per year.  The TDH's must have been completed during the fiscal year between July 1st and June 30th.  A maintenance form will be sent to each certified technician in May. The technician will be responsible for completing and returning this form each year by June 30th. Please see section V of the rules and regulations for additional maintenance information.

The maintenance TDH's may be different from the courses that count toward advancement.  However, advancement courses will always count toward maintenance.  A maintenance TDH may be a lecture, training session, or a seminar in a technical field.  If you obtain more than 12 TDH's in a year, a total of 6 may be carried over to use during the next year.

Acceptable Maintenance Courses/Events:

  • WV DOH Conferences/Seminars: e.g.  Asphalt Paving 
  • Technical Conferences/Seminars:  e.g. WV Expo Seminars
  • Computer Courses: e.g. Excel, Access, Word, IS&C
  • DOP Supervisory Courses

Examples of Courses/Events that will not count for maintenance:

  • CPR Classes
  • Monthly Meetings: e.g. Staff, Safety, etc...
  • Flagging Certification Courses
  • Equipment Operation Courses


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