DEP Stormwater Permit Activities

West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection requires municipalities and government agencies to implement an approved Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) program. The table below lists the activities included in the Parkways Authority's MS4 application to the DEP.

4.f Sampling of the stormwater at the representative outfall (Beckley Travel Plaza Only) Bi-annually
15.h Display Posters (New posters are needed at rest areas) Annually
15.h Distribute Pamphlets at rest areas and Turnpike offices, and during pollution prevention seminars and meetings (New pamphlets need to be printed) Annually
15.h speak at schools on stormwater pollution prevention  Annually
15.p Track and report web traffic from the WVPA stormwater management plan site (site needs to be created) Annually
16.j Send emails to the watershed groups encouraging participation in upcoming events.  (Paint Creek, Piney Creek, Ect) As needed
16.j post WVPA SWMP information at rest areas (Web address can be added to pamphlets) As needed
16.k Include WVPA SWMP point of contact information in pamphlets Once
16.m Create WVPA stormwater website Once
16.o Coordinate garbage collection along WVPA ROW Annually
16.p take attendance at watershed meetings  As needed
17.i Check for Illicit Discharges (and document) Continually
17.q Create a written policy for IDDE's.   Once
17.q Review IDDE policy  Annually
17.dd Train staff on pollution prevention and identification of unauthorized outfalls Annually
18.t Track the number of Erosion and Sediment Control Plans provided by contractors As needed
18.u E&S Measures will be inspected for effectiveness on site during rain events.  Track the need for additional measures As needed
19.j Remove Pavement at rest areas not being utilized  Annually
19.j Evaluate facilities for tree additions and adding vegetative strips Annually
19.j Plant substitute trees to replace trees that are removed As needed
19.j Inspect stormwater BMPs  Annually
19.q Review development and redevelopment site projects for opportunities to use BMP's As needed
19.t Create inventory of all stormwater control facilities  As needed
19.w install catch basin inserts at the travel plazas and rest areas  Annually
19.w Install grass swales and vegetated filter strips Annually
20.q Clean all parking lots  Annually
20.q Inspect storm drains Annually
20.q Update Environmental Issues Guidebook Annually


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