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The RFQ and Exhibits uploaded to the Bid Express Internet Bidding Service website for the March 10, 2015 Letting are only intended to solicit Letters of Interest and Statements of Qualifications.  The Exhibits shown for the March 10, 2015 Letting are for informational purposes only.

Letters of Interest and Statements of Qualifications must be received by the WV DOH by 4 PM Tuesday, March 10, 2015.

Competitive bids from short- listed proposers are currently anticipated to be received in the May 20, 2015 Letting.

"Division anticipates that the 2015 Supplemental will be posted online in early December.  It should be noted that the Division has always pushed the newer Supplemental publications on projects late in a given year.  This practice helps ensure that future projects are constructed with the latest specifications and criteria.  One should also note that many of the changes contained in the 2015 Supplemental have been appearing in various Contract Proposals as Special Provisions throughout the past year and are already contained in the subject project's proposal.  Please bid as is."

Previous questions asked on projects that have been deferred will now be listed under DOWNLOADS titled (PREVIOUS Q & A QUESTIONS)

The Question and Answer Link for contractors to submit questions for advertised projects via Bidx website will be available effective with the June 11th Letting.

Question and Answer Procedure [PDF]

For information on the 2013 Statewide Asphalt PreConstruction Conference held on February 20th, 2013, please see the attached notes.

The WVDOT-DOH no longer sells paper copies of plans and proposals unless prequalification is waived.  Contract plans and proposals are available on the BID EXPRESS website, WWW.BIDX.COM.  In addition, paper bids will no longer be accepted and all bids must be submitted via the internet through BID EXPRESS, unless stated otherwise in the advertisement.

Live Broadcast of Lettings may be found at the Asphalt Pavement Association of West Virginia or at the WVDOT/DOH Cisco Meeting Place.

E-mail: Linda.L.Lovejoy@wv.gov, Tracy.L.Perdue@wv.gov, and John.E.Taylor@wv.gov



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