Bidx Alert for June 23rd Flood Event


This Bidx Alert shall serve as notification of the WV Division of Highways intent to advertise a series of Facilitate Operations Contracts (FOC) to repair damage to the roadway network caused by the flood events of June 23rd, 2016.  The FOC shall consist of standard type projects as well as design-build projects. 



The FOC will observe an expedited advertisement period as well as mandatory pre-bid for all projects.  The anticipated schedule for such projects is as follows:



FOC Standard Projects:

Week 1 Monday: Project advertisement 
Week 1 Wednesday or Thursday: Mandatory pre-bid meeting
Week 2 Wednesday 10am: Bid letting


FOC Design-Build Projects:


Week 1 Monday: Project advertisement 

Week 2 Monday or Tuesday:  Mandatory pre-bid meeting 

Week 2 Friday:  Technical proposal submission by contractor 

Week 3 Tuesday: Technical proposal review/notification to contractors 

Week 3 Wednesday 10am: Bid letting


Letter of Interest for Mine Access (Hobet) 6/15/16 Estimate Fall Letting Date

1. Orders Construction/A L L Construction, Inc./GAI Consultants

2. Beaver/Alpha Architects Engineers/CTL Engineering

3. Kokosing/E L Robinson               

4. Vecellio & Grogan/CDM Smith/Schnable Engineering/Smith Land Surveying/Potesta and Associates

5. Triton/Stantec

6. Bizzack/TRC/Thrasher/NGE Environmental and Geotechnical


The West Virginia Department of Transportation will be implementing the AASHTOWare Project BIDS software on or about December 22, 2015.  THE WVDOT will immediately advertise projects shortly thereafter, under this new software program, thus the reason why we haven't advertised any projects to date for 2016.  As a contractor, wanting to submit bids to WVDOT, you will be required to conduct the following steps after WVDOT implements Project BIDS;

In preparation for bidding with the new software, AASHTOWare Project Bids Bid component, please ensure you have done the following at least seven (7) day prior to bidding:

   1.  Download the AASHTOWare Project Bids Bid component.

   2.  Create a user profile for the Bid component.

   3.  Create a new Digital ID certificate for the Bid component.

   4.  Request to bid with the WVDOT agency AFTER the digital ID certificate has been approved and  enabled by the Bid Express customer support team.

   5.  After completing all previous steps, test the software.

An email will be sent out with detailed instructions on how to perform these steps.  You may also email or call the Bid Express customer support team for assistance at 888-352-BIDX(2439) or customer.support@bidx.com.

Live Broadcast of Lettings may be found at the http://asphaltwv.com/Letting.aspx 

E-mail: Linda.L.Lovejoy@wv.gov, Tracy.L.Perdue@wv.gov, and John.E.Taylor@wv.gov



 Bid Lettings By Date


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