West Virginia Parkways Authority

Meeting Dates and Agendas

DATE:            Thursday, May 5, 2016
TIME:            10:30 A.M.
PLACE:         Administration Building
                        3310 Piedmont Road
                        Charleston, WV  25306
PURPOSE:    To consider and act upon all matters that may properly come before a meeting of the Parkways Authority Board.  These matters may include discussion of and possible Board action on the following:  Approval of the minutes of the April 7, 2016 Board Meeting; Draft operating budget for Fiscal Year ending June 30, 2017; Needs Assessment and 5-Year Program; Extension of Term of Memorandum of Agreement with WC Workshop, Inc. to provide staffing services for the trucker showers at Beckley Travel Plaza; Purchase of a replacement toll booth due to a vehicle accident; Award of contract to provide annual financial audit services to the Parkways Authority; Approval of Fiscal Year 2016/2017 Equipment Budget; Approval of contract GC-2-16 (gas canopy at Beckley Maintenance), BDO-2-16 (bridge deck overlay for two bridges near milepost 83 in Kanawha County), 3-A-16 (mill and inlay from milepost 19.2 to 27.5 northbound and various other locations along the Turnpike), BP-3-16 (spot painting various bridges); Design and inspection for emergency repairs due to high load damage of Bridge 3084 at milepost 93.6 (Kanawha County); Purchase of phone system for the new Beckley Maintenance/State Police facility; Increasing  contingency funds for project BRP-1-16 due to additional costs for CSX railroad flagging; Other items which may become apparent or need attention and may be added to the business agenda of the meeting; attention is called to the fact that the agenda of the meeting will be available three days in advance by calling 304-926-1900 or at the website www.wvturnpike.com; items of business may be added to the agenda up to 48 hours prior to the date of the meeting.

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